All spring nucleus colonies are now reserved.  Thank you to everyone for the high amount of interest in our bees again this year.

Bees at Allegany Mtn. Bee Farm collect honey from goldenrod, clover, asters, and various wildflowers throughout the year.  We produce bulk extracted honey, and occasionally we produce comb honey. There is of a large demand for local, raw honey that has not been filtered, heated, or adulterated in any way.  Honey from Allegany Mtn. Bee Farm meets these criteria, as we never heat our honey, we strain it to remove large bits of wax, and we dont add anything to our honey.  It is extracted from the comb, and put directly into new bottles or food grade plastic pails.  We offer honey in bulk (5 gallon plastic pails) and also in 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. jars.

Here at Allegany Mtn. Bee Farm, we raise our own Northern Acclimated queens.  Our localized queens are a Carniolan and Italian hybrid, with Buckfast lines crossed in.  This provides us with a hardy bee that also combats Varroa mites fairly well.  The queens are selected for their ability to overwinter well, and build up early in the spring.  We are looking to attain a strain of bees that are great honey producers, overwinter well, build up early in the spring, and have resistance to Varroa mites and Nosema.  With each new generation of queens that we raise, we come closer to attaining our ultimate goal.