Who We Are

Allegany Mtn. Bee Farm started keeping bees after the realization of decreased numbers of pollinators in our local area.  Our native bee populations were in decline, and the only beekeepers around were two large commercial operations.  Honey bees were almost non-existant during periods of the year, and some local food crops suffered.  Starting with 3 package colonies, Allegany Mtn. Bee Farm has grown to over 60 full size production colonies, and well over 100 queen mating colonies.  We have our bees in 5 different yard locations across Cattaraugus County, so that we can more effeciently isolate our  mating colonies with the drone populations of our choosing.  Although we are very small on the queen production scale, we have high expectations of our queens, and high expectations of ourselves.  We strive to produce the best queens available, and always try to make them better than the generation before.

Why Us?

In the age where it is easier to throw a medication or pesticide at an issue, Allegany Mtn. Bee Farm is taking the road less travelled.  We choose not to use harsh miticides on our bees, but rather we select for natural mite resistance, aggressive grooming, and hygenic behavior.  We impliment Integrated Pest Management tactics to help us combat Varroa mites, the number 1 threat to honey bees today.