Policies Of Allegany Mtn. Bee Farm


It is our policy to allow customers to cancel an order for Nucs and Queens, with in a reasonable amount of time, and receive a refund of 100% of item and shipping costs If a customer requests to cancel an order.  If you choose to cancel an order, please give a few weeks notice prior to your arranged shipping or pick up date.  This will us to better the needs of our other customers


It is our policy to ship on a first ordered, first shipped basis. We will post, in our web store, when dates for queens are sold out.

It is our policy to ship USPS on Mondays and Tuesdays only. This will help keep queens out of postal hubs over the weekends.

Requested Shipping Dates-

It is our policy to allow customers to request a ship date when placing an order. We will try very hard to make sure that we can ship queens when requested. If there is an issue with a requested shipping date, we will contact the customer to work out another ship date.

Availability of Products-

It is our policy to limit the availability of a product at any time for any reason. If an item is not available, it will be marked as "Sold Out" in our web store.


It is our policy to refund the item and shipping costs if we can not produce and ship queens to a customer. We will contact a customer to work out details on a case by case basis.

Marking and Clipping Queens-

It is our policy to mark queens with the Standard International Color for the year the queen was raised in. We do not normally mark our queens, but will do so, for a fee, if requested to do so.  We DO NOT clip queens.


It is our policy to have our entire operation inspected by the New York State Apiary Inspector every year. The inspector will check for brood diseases, and pull samples to be tested for Nosema. A Certificate of Health will be received from the Inspector and maintained in our records.