We are continually growing our queen rearing operation to accomodate the demand from our own operation, as well as supplying the queens needed for other beekeepers.  With all aspects of agriculture, nothing is certain, therefore we do not like to book queens to far in advance.  We will start our queen rearing in May, and will continue to produce queens through late August.  Queens are grafted from our best stock, and then open mated.  All queens are evaluated for laying pattern, and to make sure they are free from disease.  Queens are allowed to lay in our mating nucs for three to four weeks, to allow us time to fully evaluate the performance of the queen.

Queens can be booked starting in May.  For orders larger than 10, please contact us 4 weeks before the requested shipping date, to ensure we will have enough queens to meet your demand.

Queens are $25.00 each


Shipping is by USPS Priority

1-9 queens ship for $8.00

10+ queens ship for $ 15.00

We reserve the right to limit the number of queens to any customer so that others can have the opportunity to get the queens they need.

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